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Senior Digest December 2016

Q.  I work full time, have kids in high school, and an 86-year old mother who lives down the street.  She is having difficulty doing chores and cooking and I don’t have the time, or the energy, to do these things for her. I’ve been thinking about hiring someone to help her and I wonder if I should go through an agency? More..

Senior Digest November 2016

Q: My 78-year old father recently suffered a stroke. He is about ready to leave the hospital and the discharge planner mentioned that he would need occupational therapy (OT) at home. What exactly is occupational therapy?  More..

Senior Digest January 2016

Q: My husband was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He had started to show signs of memory loss earlier last year. The crisis came when he left to run errands and got lost. Two hours later, the police called me. He was in Connecticut and didn’t know how he got there. More..